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    Product Personalization

    Product personalization is the process of tailoring a product to a consumer’s needs, interests, or expectations.

    What Is Product Personalization?

    In general, personalization — on marketing communications, internet browsing, or product assortments — can help brands meet consumers’ expectations around tailored brand interactions. Product personalization is the specific process of altering a product to connect with a customer’s needs, wants, or interests.

    Product personalization can happen in a number of different ways. Some shoe brands, for example, enable customers to create their own sneakers by selecting colors, designs, and other elements to make unique kicks just for them. Some vitamin brands, on the other hand, use consumer health profiles to create custom nutrition programs.

    In each of these examples — and many others — the brands use in-depth consumer data to better understand what their customers need and want from their products.

    From there, they either provide customers with the ability to personalize their own products or craft products or product bundles that tap into consumers' needs, which helps strengthen the overall customer experience.

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