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    Product Information Distribution Services (PIDS)

    Product information distribution services (PIDS) are organizations and technologies that help businesses manage and distribute their product content to different channels from one centralized location.

    What Are Product Information Distribution Services (PIDS)?

    Today’s ecommerce businesses, especially those with omnichannel systems in place, are tasked with juggling multiple sales and marketing channels. When customers encounter inconsistent product experiences from one channel to the next, they’re less likely to purchase from that brand. Product information distribution services (PIDS) help businesses avoid this problem by acting as global channel connectors that enable brands to easily manage their product content across all touch points and sales channels.

    Product information distribution services (PIDS) distribute product information to all endpoints, including retail, marketplace, or marketing channels. Then, they connect these endpoints and ensure all product content adheres to each channel’s requirements, typically by using a product information management (PIM) system.

    By managing all aspects of product content distribution across channels, product information distribution services (PIDS) make it easier for businesses to syndicate their product information. This helps businesses create a cohesive brand experience that builds customer loyalty.

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