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    Product Information Database

    A product information database is a collection of records and product data stored within one central system.

    What Is a Product Information Database?

    Today’s consumers look for accurate, up-to-date, and relevant product information to help inform their purchasing decisions. A product information database is a collection of content relating to products that businesses can use to organize, retrieve, and distribute product data to websites, catalogs, or supply chain partners.

    Without a product information database, businesses run the risk of distributing inaccurate or outdated product information, which can cause customers to move on to the competition. A product information database is a tool for optimizing product information to build customer loyalty and drive sales.

    Most businesses use these databases within a product information management (PIM) system, which is a platform that contains and organizes digital assets pertaining to a business’ product list. 

    By feeding product information databases into a PIM, businesses can automate the process of categorizing, managing, and delivering product details to sales channels. In this way, businesses create a cohesive brand experience.

    Here's how Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform works.


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