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    Product Feed Management

    Product feed management is the process of optimizing the data within a product feed to ensure it contains consistent, relevant information about the product, which can help build customer loyalty.

    What Is Product Feed Management?

    Product feed management is essential for today’s ecommerce businesses. Product feeds are files that house relevant information about a product, including its name, description, price, categorization, availability, quantity, and more.

    Today’s consumers rely on these details to help them make an informed purchasing decision within a highly saturated ecommerce landscape. If they encounter inaccurate, inconsistent, or empty product detail fields, they’re likely to move on to the competition. That’s why product feed management is so critical to today’s businesses.

    Product feed management typically involves using technology to organize, categorize, and manage product feed files within an inventory database. This system can also integrate with others — including a product information management (PIM) or a master data management (MDM) system — to help businesses streamline their processes.

    Keeping product information up to date and accurate is core to product feed management, helping customers get a cohesive experience, no matter where they shop.

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