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    Product Data Management (PDM) System

    A product data management system (PDM system) is a single, centralized platform that businesses can use to collect, organize, and manage product information.

    What Is a Product Data Management (PDM) System?

    Product data management (PDM) systems use software to collect and control data about products within a retailer’s or brand’s catalog, including the product’s supplier, description, price, materials, and part number.

    PDM systems support businesses’ product life cycles by enabling teams to create, find, and edit product information in one centralized location. By maintaining version control and standardizing data within one system, a PDM system fosters operational efficiency and enables teams to track and manage product data effectively.

    One major benefit businesses derive from PDM systems is enhanced and streamlined collaboration with other vendors. The system tracks all product data revisions, automates previously manual tasks, and allows teams to set up role-specific permissions to control access to product information.

    Teams can also use PDM systems to automate product content publishing and create classification structures to help organize product data. With increased efficiency and time savings, teams can focus more on value-adding tasks.

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