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    Product Data Management

    Product data management is the process of collecting, organizing, and managing product details — such as specifications and instructions — in one central system.

    What Is Product Data Management?

    Product data management is a practice that allows businesses to efficiently consolidate and manage product information so that various areas of the business can access the most up-to-date data available. 

    Product data management systems collect information such as a product’s model, type, supplier, cost, materials, technical specifications, manufacturing instructions, and requirements, as well as other notes from users and product managers. 

    The system helps a business maintain a single source of truth for their product data and brings a ton of benefits to the organization, such as version control, which reduces error; workflow enablement, so that data flows properly from one stakeholder to the next; and operational efficiency. 

    With a product data management system in place, individuals from various departments can quickly find the data they need, collaborate effectively, and gain visibility into the life cycle of a product.

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