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    Product Data Integration Software

    Product data integration software is a system that businesses use to combine data from disparate sources to create one central, unified view.

    What Is Product Data Integration Software?

    Today’s businesses — especially those with omnichannel sales systems — are bombarded with data from various sources, including ecommerce platforms, social media, websites, or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 

    Product data integration software aggregates isolated data from all of these sources (and more) to create a unified, actionable, and consistent view of product information that businesses can use to make strategic decisions about their product, marketing, and sales initiatives.

    Most product data integration software can collect data from various sources, organize it into usable insights, and load that data into the right channels, such as a data pool or repository. This aggregated and structured data helps businesses analyze information about transactions, sales channels, customer issues, inventory needs, and customer preferences.
    Armed with this information, these businesses can gain greater insight into their ecommerce performance, provide customers with more personalized experiences, and ensure they’re marketing their products in the most effective ways possible.

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