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    Product Catalog Management

    Product catalog management is the process of organizing, categorizing, and maintaining a database of products across all sales channels.

    What Is Product Catalog Management?

    Today’s consumers increasingly shop online for the products they want, and if they can’t quickly find the information they need to make an informed purchase, most of them will move on to the competition.

    Within this highly discerning environment, it’s critical for businesses with ecommerce systems to effectively manage their product catalogs — and the descriptions, detail pages, and content that go along with that catalog. That means product catalog management: organizing products appropriately; maintaining accurate, up-to-date product information; and ensuring that information paints a cohesive brand picture across all sales and consumer channels.

    Product catalog management is especially important for omnichannel businesses that embrace consumers’ demands for multiple brand touch points. Giving customers the ability to search a product catalog effectively — even as they move from social media, to an ecommerce platform, to an email campaign — helps engage them and improve conversion rates. It also helps businesses stay organized and increase operational efficiency.

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