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    Personalization is the process of tailoring something — such as a piece of content, a sales funnel, or marketing materials — to a particular individual’s or group’s interests and preferences.

    What Is Personalization?

    Personalization is common in modern marketing practices, as it allows businesses to customize their materials to better connect with existing and potential customers. 

    To personalize materials, however, businesses must first understand who their primary consumers are. Many businesses use website and sales analytics to analyze consumer behavior, demographics, and needs.

    From there, marketing and sales teams can adjust product information, webpages, blog content, email marketing, social media copy, and other consumer-facing areas of their business to align with customers’ desires and needs.

    Businesses can also personalize consumer outreach. If a customer leaves an item in their cart, for example, the business can use that information to send emails marketing that specific product to encourage the consumer to reengage.

    Because today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing on nearly every channel they interact with, personalization can help businesses cut through the noise and connect with consumers on a personal level.

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