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    Pages Per Session

    Pages per session is a website performance metric that measures the average number of site pages users view each time they visit the site.

    What Are Pages Per Session?

    Brands use several customer engagement metrics to evaluate the success of their content in building brand awareness and retention. Pages per session is one metric, which measures the number of pages a user views during one session on a brand’s website. 

    “Session” refers to the time a user takes to engage with various pages on a particular website. Pages per session are typically represented as a number, calculated by dividing the number of page views by the number of total sessions within a given period. If a brand has 10,000 pageviews and 5,000 sessions during one month, for example, its average pages per session is two.

    The assessment of a successful or “good” pages per session metric will vary depending on the website, brand, and market. However, a low score — especially when combined with low conversion rates — might indicate that users aren’t moving to product pages enough.

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