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    Owned Media

    Owned media includes any content, marketing materials, websites, or social media channels controlled by a particular brand or business.

    What Is Owned Media?

    Today’s ecommerce brands typically operate a number of online marketing channels through which they promote their brand via digital media. These kinds of assets — which include blogs, websites, social media channels, videos, email marketing campaigns, and more — comprise owned media.

    Owned media is critical to the modern ecommerce business because it provides opportunities to promote brand awareness and create consistent consumer experiences across all assets and sales channels. By creating and circulating a social post that reflects the brand’s values, for example, a business can tap into like-minded consumers to build connection and loyalty.

    Brands can glean several other benefits from focusing their marketing strategies on owned media, including control over how and where they publish assets, the ability to control content creation costs, and an opportunity to identify and expand into new markets and consumer segments. Many businesses combine an owned media strategy with paid advertising to compound benefits.

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