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    Onboarding Methodology

    An onboarding methodology refers to a business’ approach to integrating a new employee, vendor, or partner into their business and helping them get accustomed to the organization’s ways of operating.

    What Is an Onboarding Methodology?

    When a business brings on a new employee or partners with a new vendor, they need to quickly and efficiently teach them how the business operates and their role in critical workflows. The business’ mindset and approach to this process is reflected in its onboarding methodology.

    When onboarding an employee or a vendor, the business should ensure that the new partners fully understand who the company is, how it operates, and its values. Then, the business needs to ensure that the new partner understands their role within the business’ larger workflows and operations. 

    Finally, the business needs to establish and explain core processes related to the new hires’ role, including any technologies or, for vendors, data management systems that they’ll be using.

    A strong onboarding methodology can help a business stay efficient, increase employee retention, and streamline vendor management processes.

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