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    Native Advertising

    Native advertising refers to marketing materials or ads that are consistent and cohesive with their web page’s design and content.

    What Is Native Advertising?

    Businesses create or pay for native advertising to create a cohesive brand experience for their consumers. Native advertising matches the look and design of the website in which they appear, seamlessly blending in with the visual identity of the brand. In this way, they’re different from banner ads because they don’t disrupt the user experience.

    One example of native advertising is the “recommended content” feature that typically displays on the bottom or side rail of a webpage. With this feature, the business is able to drive consumers to blogs, product pages, or other pages directly related to the content that the consumer is currently viewing. The “recommended content” block seamlessly blends in with the webpage, adding to (rather than taking away from) the user’s experience.

    These types of native ads also frequently occur on social media, too. Because they’re quick, easy, and cohesively branded, they tend to generate significant traffic.

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