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    Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shopping is when a business sends a company representative into a store or onto an ecommerce site as a pretend shopper to evaluate the business’ service quality.

    What Is Mystery Shopping?

    Mystery shopping is a way of assessing the quality of a business’ customer service, merchandising, and sales efforts. The company’s management secretly places a representative in the position of a shopper, and then the shopper engages with the store and its employees. 

    When they’re done shopping, they evaluate their experience, whether the employees are following store procedures, and how successfully the store is meeting quality standards.

    Mystery shopping typically occurs in person at a brick-and-mortar location, but it can also occur online. Mystery shoppers will engage with customer service representatives via a live chat on the business’ website or through a phone call. 

    Next, they explore the digital buying journey to assess its quality. Businesses also often hire outside mystery shoppers to get an impartial assessment of their operations.

    When businesses use mystery shopping, they’re able to quickly gauge the success of their sales and services; get quick and accurate customer feedback; and gain an unencumbered look at their quality standards.

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