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    Multilingual Commerce

    Multilingual commerce is the process of creating product content in multiple languages to enable sales to customers from various global markets.

    What Is Multilingual Commerce?

    The digital shelf gives brands access to a global network of shoppers. To access and connect with this network, brands need to make their product information available in multiple languages. 

    Today’s consumers increasingly use product content to research, find, and purchase content. They look for product attributes, descriptions, and other information to help make informed purchasing decisions. 

    Most businesses today — especially those with ecommerce platforms — meet this customer demand by producing short- and long-form product content to differentiate their products from the competition.

    Multilingual commerce enables these businesses to reach multiple customer bases from various global markets by giving those consumers information in their preferred language. This often requires businesses to create multiple versions of content, each translated to a different language.

    Managing these various versions of product content is a complex process that requires a platform capable of storing and distributing multilingual content to different regions.

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