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    A microsite is a branded website or page specifically designed to market a particular product or campaign.

    What Is a Microsite?

    A website serves multiple purposes, including driving traffic to products, promoting products, and telling a brand’s story to customers. A microsite is a mini version of the larger website that businesses create to promote a particular product, event, or campaign.

    A microsite focuses nearly exclusively on one thing — a product, product category, upcoming event, marketing campaign, and more. It has its own unique URL, and tends to have far fewer webpages than a business’s core website.
    Microsites can be strong promotional tools because businesses can use them to reach specific customer segments. A business can create specific microsites to reach subsets of customers by highlighting unique product benefits that connect closely to each customer segment. 

    In this way, microsites can supplement larger marketing campaigns, while gaining niche traction with smaller audience segments. They can also help drive brand awareness and boost search engine optimization (SEO).

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