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    Master Data Management (MDM)

    Master data management (MDM) is the process of creating, organizing, and managing high-quality data for all customers, business partners, and products within an organization.

    What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

    For businesses with complex supply chains and operations, keeping up-to-date data on all areas of the organization can be challenging. 

    Businesses that use master data management (MDM), however, create and organize standardized data on all parties and store that data in one centralized location. This enables the business to navigate data flows efficiently and streamline their operations.

    One key component of MDM is data quality. By ensuring all data aligns with the organization’s standards, businesses can circulate accurate, consistent data, which helps them avoid miscommunication or errors.

    Data standardization also helps businesses consolidate information into a single system, eliminating mismatched data and allowing individuals and teams to access the information they need at the right time.

    Having consistent data across all areas of the business enables teams to derive more accurate insights and analytics about product performance and operational efficiency and make more informed adjustments to their processes.

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