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    Macy’sNet is a system Macy’s Inc. uses to share required products and logistics information with their business partners.

    What Is Macy'sNet?

    Macy’s business partners can access the Macy’sNet system to find logistics and product data, such as vendor standards, regulatory alerts, and shipping and transportation information. Designed by the Macy’s logistics and operations team, Macy’sNet was built to eliminate friction, save time, and reduce costs associated with the supply chain and distribution processes.

    Once they’re set up in the Macy’sNet system, business partners can access accurate, up-to-date product information from one centralized location. This ensures that all partners within the retail supply chain remain on the same page about logistics and products, which streamlines operations and gets products to consumers quicker.

    Business partners can also update their organization’s information within the system and get compliance alerts for regulatory changes within the supply chain.

    To participate in Macy’sNet, business partners must adhere to a set of vendor standards, which ensure consistent operations across all partnering organizations.

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