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    Macro Conversion

    A macro conversion occurs when a consumer completes a business’s primary objective, such as making a purchase.

    What Is a Macro Conversion?

    Conversions happen when consumers complete actions that benefit a business. Micro conversions refer to actions that lead a consumer toward a primary objective, such as clicking a call-to-action (CTA) or opening a marketing email. A macro conversion, on the other hand, involves the primary objective directly, which, for most ecommerce businesses, is making a purchase.

    Many businesses set up a conversion rate goal as a key performance indicator (KPI) of their ecommerce channels. Having a macro conversion benchmark for the raw number and percentage this type of conversion compared to overall website traffic can help a business see which purchasing channels are working most effectively. It can also give them insight into which website areas or features, such as product pages or buttons, engage customers most.

    In many ways, a business’s overall success comes down to its ability to drive macro conversions through product, marketing, and sales pathways that resonate with consumers.

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