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    Logistics are the processes, plans, and operations needed to complete complex tasks — such as moving products from their point of origin, through the supply chain, and into consumers’ hands.

    What Are Logistics?

    Within the ecommerce landscape, logistics are essential. They help businesses stay organized while storing, transporting, or managing their inventory — enabling them to fulfill orders in a timely manner that retains customers.

    Central to logistics are transportation and storage, as any supply chain requires places to store products and ways to move them from one place to another efficiently. Many businesses use centralized systems to optimize and organize key parts of their logistics, such as shipping routes, payments, inventory management, and communication.

    For logistics to work successfully, all parties need to be included in one central supply chain, including manufacturers, brands, transportation experts, and retailers. Without a streamlined logistical plan and system to manage complex logistics, all parties run the risk of losing time and money. 

    For omnichannel commerce businesses who offer multiple shipping and purchasing options, having a strong logistical infrastructure is especially important to meeting consumer demands.

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