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    Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP)

    The Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) (i.e., Kroger Vendor Portal) is a platform that allows suppliers to provide product information to Kroger that aligns with the organization’s standards and requirements.

    What Is the Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP)?

    The Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) leverages standards from the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to enable suppliers to submit product information that aligns with particular Kroger requirements. This data synchronization helps suppliers streamline their workflows and reduce the risk of error or miscommunication in their supply chain.

    Moreover, the Kroger VIP also enables suppliers to create and share product data outside of Kroger by aligning with GDSN standards, a global network of data pools used by countless organizations worldwide. This ensures that product information remains consistent, accurate, and up-to-date across all workstreams and supply chains.

    Suppliers are responsible for ensuring their product information meets Kroger’s and GDSN requirements, which can be challenging for most organizations. That’s why many businesses use third-party solution providers that help create standards-aligned data. These providers enable successful, streamlined workflows that save time and effort for suppliers.

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