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    Keyword Strategy

    A keyword strategy is a business’s approach to using target search terms or phrases strategically throughout their content to align with common consumer questions or topics.

    What Is a Keyword Strategy?

    Keywords are the core of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They’re the terms that users type into a search engine to find relevant information. A keyword strategy is a business’s approach to identifying those keywords, determining which connect with their brand, and using them strategically to drive search traffic and business growth.

    A keyword strategy typically starts with internal and external research. First, the business must understand how their webpages are performing or ranking in search to determine which keywords consumers are using to find their pages. Then, they’ll use digital analytical tools to derive insights about the keywords consumers use to find similar pages. They can also conduct competitive research to identify the keywords similar brands are ranking on.

    After they’ve conducted the necessary research, the business will determine their strategy for using the relevant keywords throughout their content to better guide consumers to their pages through search.

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