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    Information Architecture

    Information architecture is the process of systematically organizing brand content and data to enable users to efficiently find and use the information they need.

    What Is Information Architecture?

    Any given brand is bombarded with business performance data, consumer buying data, marketing content, product details, and other information that forms the foundation of any modern business. 

    Being able to efficiently access the right information at the right time through a strong information architecture can help brand teams effectively take action on the insights they regularly collect.

    Information architecture is both internal and external. Master data management (MDM) systems, for example, collect, store, organize data for easy internal access. 

    Website navigation systems, on the other hand, make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. These systems can include menus, tagging taxonomies, content organized by categories, or search tools.

    The organizational structure behind these tools creates an architecture informed by brand teams. It’s up to teams to use the right solutions and technologies to efficiently label and systematize data and content according to an architectural strategy.

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