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    Featured Snippet

    What Is a Featured Snippet?

    The majority of today’s consumers turn to search engines to research and find products before making a purchase. The top results of a given query receive the most clicks, so it’s critical for brands to optimize their content to reach those spots. Even better? Achieving the coveted featured snippet position that sits on top of the rest of the search results.

    Google automatically determines which search result should take the featured snippet position by analyzing each result’s keyword usage, relevance to the search term, and readability.

    All featured snippets are directly connected to the user’s search and use direct language to clearly explain a topic. They can take several forms, including definitions of concepts, lists, step-by-step instructions, or tables. In each of these types, the featured snippet directly answers the searcher’s question within 40–60 words. Therefore, brands looking to reach this spot should optimize their copy accordingly.

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