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    Extended Attributes

    Extended attributes are customer-facing product details that offer more information about the product beyond the traditional SKU number, color, and size.

    What Are Extended Attributes?

    When selling goods online, retailers provide details about each product to help customers engage with the item and make an informed purchasing decision, known as attributes or extended attributes. Traditionally, details were limited to basic attributes, such as the product’s size, color, and SKU number.

    As online shopping has evolved over time, however, retailers have found that providing consumers with more detailed information helps improve conversion rates. These extended attributes can include highly detailed product descriptions, product images, or videos highlighting product usage. 

    Food sellers, for example, might add information about the dietary details of an item, while a clothing retailer might include images of people wearing items to help give customers a better idea of what the clothing looks like.

    When retailers provide these extended attributes, they give consumers as close to an in-store experience as possible. And when consumers can easily find product information, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

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