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    Engagement Rate

    Engagement rate is a metric that evaluates and records how actively customers interact with a brand or business.

    What Is Engagement Rate?

    Like other key performance indicators (KPIs), engagement rate is a metric that tracks the efficacy of a business’s engagement efforts, giving the brand a clear, often quantitative, determinant of its success.

    Because most brands today provide omnichannel customer experiences via several digital and in-person channels, these brands might track a number of different engagement rates. These might include the number of likes or interactions on social media; the average time on page for website visitors; or the average click-through rate for links embedded in an email campaign.

    Tracking and recording these metrics is critical to understanding how engaged customers are with a business. A brand might get tons of website traffic, for example, but if those customers quickly leave the site, the business’ low engagement rate is impacting its sales. That’s why businesses use engagement rate to glean insights that help enhance their content and build stronger customer relationships.

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