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    Endless Aisle

    The endless aisle is a method of blending physical and virtual merchandise to enable in-store shoppers to browse and select products from a wide range of products online. An endless aisle solution, for example, would be any tool that helps streamline or optimize endless aisle maintenance or development.

    What Is an Endless Aisle?

    Businesses that adopt the endless aisle integrate physical, in-store experiences with robust virtual product catalogs. Once the customer is in the brick-and-mortar location, they can browse the endless aisle and select and purchase virtual merchandise. The customer then leaves the store with online tracking numbers, rather than shopping bags.

    The endless aisle is a business boon because it meets customers’ two main needs: in-person product experiences and robust product options. Customers can interact with products and engage with customer service representatives, while also accessing a wider array of purchasing options via smart technology or kiosks.

    Using related capabilities or an endless aisle solution, businesses can compete with the convenience of online selling, but provide the human touch that builds customer loyalty. In this way, these aisles are a critical component of the ever-evolving convenience economy, which aims to meet customers’ demands for robust, but easy, purchasing pathways.

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