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    Email Deliverability

    Email deliverability refers to a brand’s ability to successfully send emails directly to a recipient’s inbox.

    What Is Email Deliverability?

    An email marketing campaign is only useful to a brand if it successfully reaches consumers’ inboxes. Email deliverability is a measure of how many sent emails actually end up in those inboxes without getting lost in between. This figure is often represented as a percentage of the total emails sent.

    Because consumers on mailing lists often change their addresses or use systems that block what they perceive to be spam, it’s rare for businesses to have a 100% email deliverability rate. The higher the percentage the better, though, so it’s critical for brands to optimize their email campaigns and mailing lists to improve deliverability.

    Factors that could negatively impact an email deliverability rate include:

    • A hard bounce, in which something permanent disrupts the delivery;
    • A soft bounce, in which a temporary error impacts the delivery; and
    • Poor domain reputation, leading to spam filters pushing emails to other folders.

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