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    Email Automation

    Email automation is a process through which a business relies on an electronic system to send marketing emails to current and potential customers, freeing up teams’ time for other tasks.

    What Is Email Automation?

    Most ecommerce businesses use email campaigns to market products and services to customers. These emails, when crafted well, help promote brand awareness and drive consumers closer to conversion — or repeat conversion. Email automation is the process of relying on a system to deliver custom-built emails to consumers at the exact right time.

    A business could set its marketing system to automatically deliver an email with a receipt, for example, immediately after a consumer purchases a product. Other email automation workflows include emails that:

    Follow up with customers who have abandoned their virtual shopping cart;

    • Ask shoppers to write a review of their shopping experience;
    • Provide discounts to consumers who reach loyalty milestones; and
    • Welcome new customers who browse the site for the first time.

    In each of these cases, automated systems use website analytics to track where consumers are in the shopping funnel and send emails at the right time.

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