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    Ecommerce Personalization

    Ecommerce personalization is the process of using consumer data to tailor ecommerce content to specific customer needs and desires.

    What Is Ecommerce Personalization?

    The ecommerce world is filled with quickly evolving technologies, competitor segments, and customer expectations. Brands that use ecommerce personalization are often able to cut through the noise to build relationships with their customers, giving them the specific information or content that matches their needs.

    Because today’s consumers research products via several channels — including social, websites, apps, and in-person locations — before purchasing, brands can personalize content on each channel and at each stage of the buying journey. For example, if a consumer adds an item to their shopping cart but leaves the website, the brand can send a personalized email re-engaging that consumer.

    The key to successful ecommerce personalization is truly understanding your customers. That’s why many businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) software, which automatically gathers and helps organize consumer data. With this information, the business can adapt its marketing and engagement initiatives to better meet its consumers’ needs.

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