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    Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content occurs when the same textual information appears in more than one blog, product description, or other form of content on the internet.

    What Is Duplicate Content?

    When a business publishes unique content — in the form of a blog post, landing page copy, or product description — the content is marked as affiliated with the site page’s URL. Duplicate content occurs when similar or the exact language appears on other pages or another website, making it difficult for search engines to discern who “owns” the content.

    Duplicate content poses two problems for businesses. First, it can indicate plagiarism, which can lower a business’s reputation — even if that business was the original creator of the content.

    Second, it can muddy a search engine’s ability to accurately evaluate the search engine optimization (SEO) success of the content. When the same information appears on two or more sites, the search engine doesn’t know how to account for link metrics, result rankings, or ownership.

    Because of these challenges, it’s critical for businesses to address duplicate content as soon as it occurs.

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