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    Digital Touch Points

    Digital touch points are the places where customers interact with a business online or through a mobile app.

    What Are Digital Touch Points?

    Every business, regardless of its brick-and-mortar or online presence, provides pathways through which customers can interact with their products, people, and branding. Each way a customer interacts with a brand is a touch point. 

    Businesses with an online presence provide numerous digital touch points through which customers can engage with the business, including websites, social media, email, mobile apps, blogs, digital ads, and more. 

    Successful businesses are equipped to create cohesive customer experiences across all their digital touch points by crafting consistent product information, creating convenient purchasing pathways, and engaging customers through the channels they prefer. 

    It’s also important that businesses with digital touch points optimize their online content for search, as a robust search engine optimization (SEO) program can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

    Creating a truly omnichannel experience, where customers can move seamlessly from one touch point to another, can help a business stand out from a saturated online marketplace.

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