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    Decision Fatigue

    Decision fatigue occurs in ecommerce when consumers become overwhelmed by the number of choices they have to make, often leading to their inability to make a decision.

    What Is Decision Fatigue?

    The more purchasing options, the better, right? Not always. In today’s ecommerce landscape, consumers are constantly and increasingly bombarded by purchasing options (on top of countless daily life decisions), which can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.

    When decision fatigue sets in, these consumers are unable to make any decision at all. In this way, decision fatigue can seriously impact brands hoping to win and retain consumer interest.

    Brands can avoid this problem by minimizing the number of choices available to the consumer and the number of decisions they must make in order to convert.

    Limiting the number of SKUs offered, for example, can help narrow the consumer’s focus and make a quicker decision. At the same time, providing as few steps as possible for the consumer to purchase a product can also help ease decision fatigue.

    Additionally, when consumers engage with personalized content, they’re less likely to experience decision fatigue.

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