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    Dead Stock

    Dead stock is a term commonly used to describe inventory that doesn’t sell and consequently sits on shelves, costing the business money.

    What Is Dead Stock?

    Managing inventory can be a challenge for many businesses, especially those with large product catalogs. Dead stock occurs when businesses don’t have a pulse on their inventory, so items that don’t sell sit on their shelves, taking up warehouse space and draining profits.

    The most effective way to avoid dead stock is by using an inventory management system to track inventory metrics and manage stock movement. These systems notify businesses when items sit for a certain amount of time. Teams can then decide whether to put more effort into merchandising and marketing that product or get rid of it altogether.

    Another way to keep track of how inventory moves through your warehouses is to better understand which items your customers prefer. When you’re attuned to which products sell at which speeds, you can predict how long items will sit on the shelves — and which will likely become dead stock.

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