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    Data Governance

    Data governance is the process of managing data across an organization to ensure that data is accurate, consistent, and useful.

    What Is Data Governance?

    Strong data management is critical for any modern ecommerce business, especially for those that require product information for large catalogs. Inaccurate, inconsistent, or outdated product data can slow down go-to-market strategies and hinder customer loyalty and engagement.

    Data governance is the process of managing the data that flows through a business, as well as the systems the business uses to collect, organize, and disseminate data. Proper data governance practices help prevent parts of a business from circulating incorrect data. 

    Governance teams regulate the flow of data across the organization and ensure data stays secure within their systems. They also set organizational policies for using data, which is a key component of the business’ overall data management strategy.

    Without data governance, businesses run the risk of clogging up workflows within the organization and with vendors and suppliers that have inaccurate or outdated product information, which can severely impact the customer experience.

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