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    Customer Targeting

    Customer targeting is the process of segmenting a customer base into groups, then connecting with each group through tailored marketing with the goal of increasing sales.

    What Is Customer Targeting?

    Customer targeting is all about understanding a particular segment of your customer base and engaging them directly in the ways they prefer. It’s the process of segmenting customers based on past purchasing behavior, engagement levels, or demographics and marketing directly to them.

    Rather than marketing toward potential customers who haven’t yet purchased from a business, customer targeting involves re-engaging customers who have already interacted with the brand in the past. A business might send a personalized email to a segment of customers who haven’t purchased in a while, for example. Or, the business might send a follow-up email to a customer right after a purchase highlighting related items.

    Customer targeting isn’t just good for boosting sales, though. It’s also great for building relationships with consumers and increasing loyalty. By targeting a specific segment, a business can speak directly to that segment’s needs and wants, which helps those customers feel heard.

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