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    Conversion Funnel

    A conversion funnel is how a consumer comes to land at a particular place and completes a desired action, such as purchasing a product.

    What Is a Conversion Funnel?

    Conversion occurs when a consumer completes a brand's desired action, like buying a product, clicking a button, or reaching out to the business. The conversion funnel refers to the steps the consumer takes to get to that conversion. 

    More specifically, it's how the consumer becomes aware of the brand and moves through its digital and in-person presence and what marketing efforts led them to conversion. 

    The stages of the conversion funnel change from business to business, but they generally involve core phases:

    1. Brand awareness: The stage where the consumer learns about the business and its products.
    2. Interest: The stage where the consumer's inspired to look into the product more.
    3. Desire: The stage where the consumer's eager to buy the product.
    4. Conversion: The stage where the consumer makes a purchase. 

    To move customers through the conversion funnel, businesses and marketers must create consistent, cohesive omnichannel pathways that guide consumers to their desired actions.

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