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    Conversational Commerce

    Conversational commerce occurs when consumers interact with businesses through messaging apps to access support, ask questions, or purchase products.

    What Is Conversational Commerce?

    As a staple of the convenience economy, conversational commerce allows businesses to provide quick, easy ways for consumers to engage with the brand. 

    Within conversational commerce, consumers use messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, or WhatsApp), business-enabled chatbots, or voice-activated technologies (such as Amazon Echo or Google Home) to ask questions, get personalized recommendations, or get support.

    Whether they interact with the brand through a voice assistant or a messaging app, consumers benefit from having simple, quick ways to interact with brands. They experience cohesive brand messaging across all engagement channels, as well as far fewer steps to making a purchase. They also get more (and more convenient) sources for information about products, which helps them make informed purchasing decisions.

    As conversational commerce continues to expand, more businesses will rely on artificial intelligence (AI), speech recognition, passive authentication, and other tools to attract and retain customers.

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