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    Continuance is a marketing tactic in which a business uses a customer’s initial conversion to drive a second or third conversion.

    What Is Continuance?

    The goal of continuance in ecommerce is similar to an upsell: to increase a customer’s brand engagement by encouraging more or a more valuable conversion. Businesses use continuance to accomplish this goal by driving a secondary or tertiary conversion from a consumer’s first conversion.

    For example, if a consumer makes a purchase online from an ecommerce business, the business can drive continuance by sending the consumer a confirmation email with a call-to-action (CTA) to sign up for a newsletter to get future discounts. Through this tactic, the business capitalizes on the first conversion (the purchase) to drive a second (the newsletter sign-up) and potentially a third (future purchases from promotions).

    Compared to attracting and capturing completely new consumers, continuance is a more cost-effective option because it enables the business to draw on already-engaged consumers. By upselling products or driving secondary conversions, the business strengthens that customer’s loyalty.

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