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    Content Workflow

    A content workflow is a series of steps and responsibilities a brand needs to follow to produce and publish content, such as an article, video, or landing page.

    What Is a Content Workflow?

    A content workflow is an umbrella term for a complex production and publication process that typically involves several different people, tasks, and responsibilities.

    Brands usually start a content workflow with ideation, or the process of selecting content ideas that best advance the overall marketing strategy. After ideation comes the content planning stage, in which brands select creators; build out content briefs that outline the goals and requirements for the piece; and establish a production timeline and distribution plan.

    Then, a writer or creative will create the piece, and an editorial team will ensure it meets the brand’s style and quality requirements. Finally, the piece is enhanced for search engine optimization (SEO) and then published.

    Throughout this content workflow, different teams — writers, videographers, content strategists, brand strategists, SEO experts, and more — work together to ensure the piece moves from ideation to publication as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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