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    Content Republishing

    Content republishing is a marketing process brands undergo to update, optimize, or refresh previously published content.

    What Is Content Republishing?

    Publishing content regularly can help brands engage consumers, drive search engine optimization (SEO) traffic, and build brand awareness within a market. But in a rapidly changing ecommerce environment, successful brands conduct content republishing to ensure published content remains relevant to consumers’ evolving needs.

    Most brands conduct a content audit first to determine which pieces of content — such as articles, whitepapers, ebooks, videos, product descriptions, and more — need to be updated and republished. During this analysis, the brand will evaluate each piece for outdatedness; relevance to current consumer needs and market trends; SEO value and keyword optimization; and backend technicalities such as URL structures.

    Search engines can sometimes penalize brands for too much content republishing, so it’s critical for brands to revitalize the format or information within a piece of content when republishing. Doing so helps avoid search engines flagging republished content as duplicate content.

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