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    Content Personalization

    Content personalization is when a brand tailors articles, web page copy, emails, or other content to the interests and needs of a particular audience segment.

    What Is Content Personalization?

    Any form of content — landing page copy, articles, videos, product descriptions, and more — aims to engage customers around a particular brand or product. But not every piece can connect with every consumer. Content personalization is the process of tailoring content to more niche or segmented audiences with the goal of connecting with their interests, buying behaviors, or needs.

    This marketing strategy is only possible when a brand truly understands its consumers. By using data to understand not only demographic but also psychographic details about consumers, brands can determine what type of content and information their consumers need and want.

    Then, brands can use content personalization for each group of segmented consumers. Perhaps one segment requires more educational, long-form content to drive product awareness. Another might require custom email reminders to purchase the item they were previously viewing. This personalized messaging connects directly with each consumer’s needs.

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