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    Content Inventory

    Content inventory is an organizational schema for any articles, videos, or other pieces of marketing content a business has published online.

    What Is Content Inventory?

    Like product inventory systems, content inventory involves organizing pieces of content according to certain categories and descriptors. The process, in which a business creates a primary list of all published content, enables a brand to keep articles, blog posts, enhanced content, and other materials organized.

    A content inventory list often includes details about each piece of published content, including its type, location, word count, tags, and other identifying criteria. By organizing content according to an inventory, businesses can quickly find the content they need.

    What’s more, a content inventory process enables brands to evaluate their content’s current performance, optimize lower-performing pieces, and create new materials to fill in strategic content gaps.

    The process also helps businesses ensure that published content maintains a similarly organized look and feel, with navigational categories and tags that allow readers to easily find what they’re looking for.

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