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    Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) Brand

    A consumer packaged goods (CPGs) brand is a business that sells products that consumers need to regularly replace, such as food, clothing, or hygiene essentials.

    What Is a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Brand?

    There are two basic kinds of products within the ecommerce space: consumer packaged goods (CPG) or durable goods. While consumers typically replace durable goods — such as cars or furniture — infrequently, they regularly replenish CPGs, such as food, toilet paper, clothing, cosmetics, cleaning products, beverages, or hygienic items.

    A consumer packaged goods (CPGs) brand is a business that sells these types of products to consumers. Because these items typically move off of shelves quickly, a consumer packaged goods (CPGs) brand needs to have clear insight into the longevity of their items, as well as the supply chain and inventory management that ensures products are replaced on shelves as soon as they leave.

    Certain technologies, such as inventory management systems, automate core elements of the supply chain, giving CPG brands insight into where their products are. These systems also help brands avoid under- or overstocking items, saving them time and money.

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