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    Confirmation Page

    A confirmation page is a web page that validates that a consumer has completed a transaction and that the business has received their order.

    What Is a Confirmation Page?

    In many ways, a confirmation page acts as a receipt, giving a consumer all of the details about their online purchase, including:

    • Purchase total;
    • Date;
    • Consumer’s shipping details;
    • Payment method;
    • Shipping estimates; and more.

    Beyond confirming the details of a purchase, however, a confirmation page helps build customer trust and loyalty. When a consumer sees a confirmation page immediately after making a purchase, they know that their order was successfully placed and their payment details are secure in the business’s system.

    This garners the consumer’s confidence and trust in the brand, which can generate loyalty and repeat purchases over time.

    In fact, the confirmation page is so important to ecommerce business that it’s become fairly ubiquitous. Businesses can use the confirmation page to thank the consumer for their purchase, market related products, or drive customers to other branded pages, further boosting customer loyalty.

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