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    Confirmation Email

    A confirmation email is a notification sent via email validating that a consumer has completed an action, such as making a purchase.

    What Is a Confirmation Email?

    In ecommerce, consumers typically receive a confirmation email after they’ve purchased a product online. 

    The email usually includes the details about their purchase, including: 

    • Purchase total;
    • Estimated shipping or delivery date;
    • Confirmation number;
    • Date;
    • Discounts received; and
    • Personal details, such as the consumer’s address and/or phone number.

    While the confirmation email might seem like a small element of the ever-growing ecommerce landscape, it’s a critical one nonetheless. 

    Receiving a confirmation email immediately after making a purchase helps the consumer feel confident in their choice. It assures them that their payment is secure, that the business is working on their order, and that they’ll receive more transparency throughout the shipping process.

    Also, the confirmation email is a chance for the business to expand its cohesive branding experience by including links to related products or more information about the business.

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