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    Commerce for Brands

    Commerce for brands combines the emotional power of brand marketing and the commercial awareness of sales to deliver consistent product messaging across all brand channels.

    What Is Commerce for Brands?

    Traditionally, organizations considered brand marketing and sales as two distinct — and disparate — parts of a business strategy. Marketing told consumers about the benefits of a product, while sales sold it. 

    But today’s customers no longer distinguish between brand and sales experiences. Rather, they see all interactions with a brand as equally connected and representative of the business overall.

    Commerce for brands helps create a uniform customer experience by blending brand and sales experiences. Within a brand commerce model, businesses identify all channels through which customers interact with the brand, including direct sales channels, social media, website presences, influencer channels, and more. 

    The business then ensures that brand messaging is consistent across all channels and that all channels have clear pathways for customers to complete a purchase.

    By blending brand marketing and sales, commerce for brands creates better, more streamlined, and less advertorial customer experiences, which can help boost conversions.

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