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    Cloud Product Information Management (PIM)

    A cloud product information management (PIM) solution evaluates, manages, distributes, and stores product data within a centralized cloud platform.

    What is Cloud Product Information Management (PIM)?

    Traditional product information management (PIM) systems help retailers and brands manage product information within a single location, which ensures that all parties have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information.

    Because they enable businesses to stay organized and consistent, PIM solutions help get product data to customers faster.

    Cloud PIMs function similarly to traditional PIMs, but centralize data through a cloud infrastructure rather than a downloadable application or software. 

    Cloud-based systems offer several benefits, including secure data storage and increased bandwidth for storing data. This can be especially beneficial for businesses with large product catalogs. Being able to seamlessly store and manage massive amounts of product data can be a boon for go-to-market strategies.

    Many businesses outsource cloud PIMs to third-party companies who provide security, data storage, and upgrade facilitation, which can help businesses with constantly evolving product data stay up to date with current data management technologies.

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