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    Click-Through Page

    A click-through page is a website landing page that includes a clear call to action to drive consumers to complete an action or make a purchase.

    What Is a Click-Through Page?

    Businesses want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to get to the information they need or complete purchases. Generally, this means requiring as few steps or actions to get to a conversion. In some cases, however, consumers need more information or a clear invitation to take the next step. This is where a click-through page can be hugely helpful.

    A click-through page is a landing page that provides basic information about a product, service, or solution, then offers an explicit call to action (usually in the form of a clickable button) that leads to a conversion page. 

    Click-through pages are different from lead generation pages or forms, however, as they don’t require the consumer to submit any kind of personal information to click through. Instead, the click-through page is a pitstop on the way to the conversion, giving consumers a clear path to the business’ goal.

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