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    Change Management

    Change management refers to the way people (often a business’s leaders) prepare others for and support others through changes in processes, procedures, or workflows.

    What Is Change Management?

    Creating new, more efficient, or more effective processes can be difficult. But managing the people who will engage with those new processes can be even more challenging. Change management refers to the latter: the ways people support others through change and equip them with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to successfully adapt.

    The businesses who manage change most effectively tend to develop a clear change management strategy before implementing any process shifts. A good strategy clearly articulates the process change being made, offers clear implementation steps for each member impacted by the change, identifies potential risks or challenges, and provides resources for navigating those challenges.

    In some cases, teams can be resistant to making changes to the processes that impact their day-to-day experiences. But with a strong change management strategy in place, leaders can help their teams smoothly transition and understand how the change benefits them.

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